We had decided to move from Hampshire to Devon for eventual retirement. We had looked long  and hard for the perfect place – without success – until we found Newport Park. It ticked all the boxes for us. Well managed, beautifully maintained grounds with safe, quiet  and friendly environment. The lovely location alongside the Exe estuary affords amazing views across the river  and to the moors. There are lovely walks, cycle paths linked to Exeter, Exmouth  and Topsham,  and excellent public transport links. All of this –  and only 15 minutes to Exeter by car!

We love our new park-life at Newport Park!

Michael  and Lyn Foy

In March it was suggested to my husb and, who was in poor health,  and myself that we might like to live in Newport Park. We were shown around  and chose a park home with a beautiful view  and I have never regretted it.

My husb and only lived for 9 months  and he loved it  and couldn’t have left me in a better place.

I have now lived here very happily for many years  and just love it. Everyone is so friendly  and we all look out for each other.

Signed – a very satisfied resident

Lydia Brown

Judith  and I have happily lived in Newport Park  and have enjoyed a quiet  and peaceful retirement in lovely surroundings in a safe, tranquil  and well managed environment.

We can certainly recommend the style of life here, set amongst the beautiful Devon countryside, but within reach of many local amenities.

David  and Judith Ashcroft of Rivers Walk

The Park is maintained to a high st and the owner  and maintenance staff are available at all times to help  and advise if required. I have made friends with so many lovely people since moving to Newport Park  and cannot think of anywhere else I would like to live. I consider this park to be the best of those in the Exeter area  and would recommend it to anyone considering making a move. I have in the past shown people around my home so that they can see how comfortable a park home can be.

June Harry of Third Avenue

I came to the park first  and Bob arrived a while later – we have since married. We are both over seventy years of age – but feel a lot younger  and very happy!

We find this park is an idyllic place to live. The river Exe is a few yards from our front door – wild life aplenty  and lovely surroundings. We have some brilliant friends  and neighbours here – life is so laid back it is like a permanent holiday. And if you are as lucky as us, you can find love as well!!

Moya  and Bob Bromley of Third Avenue